Thursday, April 23, 2009

Campaign Day 10 (late-night)...The Province Gets Something Right!

(click image to enlarge)


Too bad it's in the dumb-guy section....

Still, given that it's 'The Province', that's likely where the vast bulk of their readers are.

Double Ha!
(from the piked position)

This is actually from the hilarious, always entertaining, and quite often insightful, 'Orland Kurtenblog' by pro-ams Jason Brough and Mike Halford.....But if you really want a laugh, check out the comments - clearly the image on the left drove the stealth media-minder-binders crazy.....
Speaking of minders....Wonder how this ever got past the not-so-magnificent AsperSons' "GordCo Protection Program"?
Lastly......Can't help but also wonder if everybody's favorite consultant who is never goes by the moniker PK Flyer had anything to do with the product placement in the top right corner.....Triple Ha!....G'Night all.....


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