Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Dumb Guy Factor....


Over at the TEAM 1040 (a.k.a. ShillVille), they're Wurlitzering up a whole lotta anti-NDP hysteria by explicitly stating, without any explicit evidence, that it is their 'understanding' that the Dippers would kill one of GordCo's white elephants, the CondoHype-driven $365 million retractable roof for BC Place Stadium:

Based on online caucus statements and party advertising launched in late February, the BC NDP appears to favour scrapping plans for a retractable roof at BC Place stadium.

“It's not explicit in the election platform release today, but they’ve made it clear in a series of pre-election trial balloons what their preference would be and that’s to scrap the plans for a retractable roof and proceed with a simpler replacement fixed roof,” said TEAM 1040 sport business commentator Tom Mayenknecht, who will discuss the issue Thursday at 4 p.m. on Pratt & Taylor with afternoon show co-hosts Dave Pratt and Don Taylor.....

Now, lets just leave the possibility of cost 'overruns' aside for the moment and consider the thing in the cold, hard light of sports-team reality for this town.

I mean, let's give the soccer team 20 new dates to go with the 20 football dates that are already there and then ask ourselves the following....

Where is all this $100 million extra revenue a year that Big Daddy David Pratt says will be lost if the Dippers kill the Elephant?

I mean - won't they run the tractor pulls and geezer rock shows regardless?



I smell media monitoring/deflector spin here.

After all, today is the very day that the NDP released their party platform to generally favourable reviews.

And there was nothing explicit in there about killing the roof.....

And....anybody who has been paying attention understands the political strate(r)gy of generating momentum-killing spike-stories....

And..... right on come the minder-binder callers now..... and their message is.....

Go PavCo!

(The horror!)

Update: 4:40pm.....Big Daddy signs off the story with a half-a-momma-mia culpa by saying "Of course there's some self interest here, but we're gonna give both sides a chance to tell their sides of the story"....Sure thing Mr. Pratt...But tell us, please, just where, exactly, did this 'story' come from?
On third thought, maybe all that new revenue for BC Place is going to come from that great ka-ching-generator-in-the-sky that this story's Chief Wurlitzer Cranker/Kool-Aid-Drinker, Mr. Tom Mayenknecht, knows so well....which would be, surprise!, the still not-quite-dead 'Vancouver Ravens!'........And why, precisely, have the Ravens not yet risen from the dead a third time? Well, if I remember correctly it has something to do with the fact that they could not sell 2,500 seasons tickets and/or secure an arena lease....Sheesh!.....


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