Thursday, April 09, 2009

Clowns To The Left Of Thee....

....Jokers To the Right?

Looks like, despite his true ideological bent, that Gordon Campbell might be "Stuck In The Middle".

At least in some ridings.

Case in point - Boundary-Similkameen.

Here's a report from yesterday's Osoyoos Times by Karen Knelson:

Joe Cardoso, the B.C. Conservative Party’s candidate for the Boundary-Similkameen riding, is claiming that high numbers of local Liberal Party members are jumping ship to back him in the upcoming provincial election.

“Over 100 people have come to me and said ‘We’d like to turn in our memberships and get our money back,’” Cardoso said.

Last November, Cardoso, an Oliver resident, was nominated by Liberal Party members to be their candidate for this riding.

But his candidacy was terminated in February when it came to light that he’d sent a letter to the editor to the Osoyoos Times and the Oliver Chronicle in 2005 expressing his displeasure with Gordon Campbell’s Liberal government.

Last month he was tapped by the Conservatives to represent them in this electoral district.
Lorraine Kolodychuk, who used to sit on the board of executives for the Liberals’ Boundary-Similkameen riding association, has become a Conservative Party member because she said she wasn’t impressed with how the Liberals handled the termination of Cardoso’s candidacy.

“I was very disappointed in the Liberal Party’s attitude (and) action that they took when Joe was nominated,” she said. “I was on the board of directors, and I quit.”

She also alleges that the entire association board broke up after Cardoso was ousted.....


Looks like, in some areas of the province at least, this whole BC Conservative Party thing really may be more than just a 4% problem for Mr. Campbell....


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