Friday, April 17, 2009

Campaign Day 4 (cont'd)....Gordon Campbell Is Running On His Record


....His 44 year old high school record that is.

Justine Hunter, in the pixel-only version of the Globe, has the story:

VANCOUVER - Still stinging from missing four straight shots on a basketball hoop during a campaign stop in Prince George, Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell sought to salvage his reputation today.

Mr. Campbell climbed on the bus with reporters this morning and handed out copies of a newspaper clipping about his previous exploits on the court.

"A whirlwind named Gordon Campbell blew University Hill to its sixth straight victory in senior boy's Inter-High basketball action Monday.... The 17-year-old forward poured in 34 points during the game.".....

Ya, sure.

But could he throw a speed-ball by you, and make you look like a fool?

And after a slow start, we're really starting to dig Ms. Hunter's work on the G&M Election Blog (especially the speedballish snarky asides in parantheses)....


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