Monday, April 06, 2009

RailGate Shutout...O'Fer With Spector/Tieleman On Watercarrier


Five topics, eight callers, and five commerical breaks on the Goodship Watercarrier's Monday Morning Quarterback session this morning.....

And not one mention of RailGate (despite the fact that the Watercarrier did stick it in the teaser...guess that's really being 'hard hitting', eh).

Which, of course, means that there were very likely high fives all 'round in the Big Red LINO Machine's WarRoom and/or the PABst Blue/Red Ribbon-festooned Bunker come 10:59am.

But even more than the shutout, I've gotta wonder if they (ie. the smart boys and girls of the WarRoom/Bunker) were even more happy with the success of what I think should be called 'soft monitoring'....

More on that later (hint: it's all in the 'message')....


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