Saturday, April 18, 2009

Campaign Day 5 (cont'd).....Are We Not Men?

...Because We Are Most Definitely Not DEVO.
(and/or Big Red 'L''s)

Although Mr. Willcocks, who has finally returned from the SouthLands with a whole new set of reasons to believe in B.C., is concerned that we may become sheep:

All parties work to identify supporters and mount a big election day effort to ensure they actually vote. Often, that effort determines the outcome in ridings.

That effort is also a reminder of how much your vote could matter.

It’s often a messy and uncertain, this democracy business. Each election day remains a test. Are we a people who take our best shot at electing a government that will serve our interests?

Or are we sheep, willing to be led wherever others decide?

Now I, for one, most definitely do not wish to be slaughtered by wolves (and or the friends and political uncles of what was once Enron).

Which is why escaping the barb wire-fenced corral that has been carefully constructed by the wool-growers and their rogaine-fueled flack-hackery* must be our one true goal.


*Exhibit #1,238.


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