Friday, April 24, 2009

Campaign Day 11.......Has The Goodship Watercarrier Sprung A Leak?


Update: Please see end of post for Mr. Good's reply

It would appear that the Tyee's head honcho, David Beers, certainly thinks so.

Here's what he had to say about Mr. Good's performance as 'moderator' during yesterday's Leaders' (sans 'real' Conservatives) Debate on the (nolongerso)Giant 98:

What is the most damning interjection a political debate moderator can make after one of the candidates has spoken?

Dead air.

That’s how it felt to me, at least, as I sat in a car wash this morning listening to the provincial party leaders’ debate facilitated by Bill Good on CKNW......


It happened after James defended her “tough on the issues” campaigning, but said she was staying clear of “personal attacks.”

“No personal attacks?” Good asked.

“No,” James replied.

Then commenced many seconds of dead air, punctuated by a clearly audible sigh – or was it a snort? – from Good.

I’m told by journalists who were at the studio that James stared straight ahead during the silence, appearing not to make eye contact with Good, even though he was seated directly across from her. Members of the press gallery, seated on the other side of a soundproof window, rolled their eyes and laughed out loud.


Those of who have been paying attention know that the good Mr. Good is widely known to be a 'friendly' who, when the chips are down, can always be counted on to help shore-up the 'GordCo Protection Program'.

But this was just flat out egregious, not mention a blatant, wanton show of partisanship.


Here's something to ask yourself - especially given the way every single one of the beat boys and girls used worthless trivia to trash Ms. James for forcing them to fly in a small plane over the mountains when it was windy on Earth Day.......

Why have none of the members of the Press Gallery, if they were all behind the glass sniggering with understanding, reported on this?

Is it because, like the public, the pro-media can be sheep too?


Is it because they don't want 'The Dean' to admonish them for speaking out of turn?

(not that the two are necessarily mutually exclusive)

Update: Mr Good replies to Mr. Beers post


I’ve had your comments about the silent moment in today's debate passed on to me, and I want to tell you what happened.

I when I said to Ms. James, “No personal attacks,” it was because I was taken aback by her comment. I think the NDP has been very personal in its attacks for years.

So when she said that I struggled, trying to decide whether to come back with a comment or follow up question, or not. Moderating is tricky. I try very hard not to interject, or question any of the candidate the way I would if they were a single guest on the program.

I took a moment or two to think about that, then I leaned over at my computer screen to see who the next caller was, because I couldn’t read the name without doing so. At the time I didn’t realize the reporters in the next room were rolling their eyes or reacting at all. If Ms. James wasn’t making eye contact with me I didn’t notice. Both Mr. Campbell and Ms James, I’m told were very complimentary about the job I did when scrummed after the 90 minutes.

I can assure you there was no intent to grandstand or make a statement with my pause, it was a genuine combination of surprise and hesitation to inject myself into the debate.

Sincerely, Bill Good"

That last bit is most grandstanding?...Sure thing....But a 'hesitation to inject myself into the debate?'....What the heck is that all about?...I would appear that this reply is one more reason why it would be most useful if we received a report or ten from the attending Press Gallery....

After reading Mr. Beers dispatch, I couldn't stop myself from weighing with the following comment: : "So Mr. Beers......Would you agree that this unforgivable silence is, indeed, evidence that it is not unreasonable to characterize the good Mr. Good as 'The Goodship Watercarrier'?"......There's a lot of other good stuff in that thread worth having a look at, if you're so inclined, especially if you don't believe me re: folks' perception of the 'friendly' designation.


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