Friday, April 24, 2009

Campaign Day 11 (cont'd)...Why CKNW Is Now Dead To Me..



Yesterday there was this Leaders' debate on CKNW Radio....

It was the only radio debate there will be before the provincial election on May 12th.

Therefore, it was kinda/sorta important.

The debate was moderated by one of CKNW's talk show hosts, Mr. Bill Good.

Unfortunately, during one section of the debate Mr. Good committed a cardinal sin of an impartial moderator when he let a long dead air pause not so impartially punctuate an answer to one of his questions from BC NDP leader Carole James.

This pause was long enough, and noticeable enough, that it lead to laughter from the members of the Press Gallery assembled in a room adjacent to where the debate was taking place.

All of which was noted by David Beers over at The Tyee.

Which, in turn, led to a response from Mr. Good a few hours latr stating that he didn't really mean to do it.

'Pause', I mean.

Which means that everything is fine and good then.

Because no harm, no foul.



Below is the lead of my live blog of the front end of Mr. Good's show today (ie. the day after the debate) in which he discussed this issue of the 'pause', right off the top, with two members of the Press Gallery that were there (my interpretation of what was said are in red, my own interjections/thoughts in response are in black)....


9:09am....Here we go....Goodship WC (Mr. Good) leads with the issue of 'personal attacks' on Mr. Campbell by Carole James on The NDP that 'came up' during yesterday's debate that he 'moderated'......Mr. Good then plays a clip from the debate to illustrate...It's the passage that David Beers from the The Tyee made the fuss about.....there's the 'pause' from Mr. Good after an answer from Ms.'s long (the pause) can then hear the 'audible sigh' at the end of the dead air that Mr. Beers mentioned as Mr. Good goes to the next caller....

9:10am...Mr. Palmer says there was derisive laughter in the adjacent room that contained the Press Gallery (which was also reported by Mr. Beers yesterday)....Mr. Palmer says it was because of what James' gang has done re: personal attacks on Mr. Campbell...(me: they're going to attack James on this?????)....especially through the surrogates....Baldrey then piles on....(me: So, apparently the 'pause' was a good, non-partisan thing!!! Oh, now I get it...The members of the Press Gallery were all laughing because they figured Ms. James deserved what Mr. Good gave a totally 'impartial' way, of course...What codswallop)....

9:11am....OK...Here comes the GoodshipWC's half -a-momma-mia-culpa....He explains that the 'pause' did turn out to be longer than he originally thought it was....But, regardless, the only reason that it happened at all (this is kinda/sorta what he said in his 'reply to Mr. Beers yesterday - see bottom of post) was because he (Mr. Good) was just weighing whether he, himself, should have 'debated' Ms. James' response (me: nope, no partisanship showing there, no sireee, completely impartial 'moderator' who waits while he decides whether he should attack or not...didn't know he was actually one of the participants in the debate....which party, exactly, is he the leader of anyway?)...Mr. Good then says that he didn't realize, until after the debate, the effect the pause had it had 'outside' the room....

(me: And what was that 'effect' was that?....Mr. Beers response?...Somebody elses?....Who elses?...Mr. Good, in responding to Mr. Beers post said that he'd be 'told' that Mr. Campbell and Ms. James said he did a bang-up job after it was all over....So, other than Mr. Beers, who else did the pause 'affect' outside the room?.....I really think we have to hear from some other, shall we say, less 'involved' members of the Press Gallery on this one.....Really, and this is setting all snark aside, I am outraged!...Here you have the three people with perhaps the highest pro-media profiles in the entire province of British Columbia carrying on like demonstrated shots of partisanship by pausing and persnickety guffawing, partisan shots that were perpetrated by them, by their own admission, means nothing?....Was Mason there?.....He might be the only one with the fortitude to split himself off from on the herd on this one.....Why?.... Because , after listening to this, clearly the 'juniors' in the Press Gallery will have received the message, loud and clear, from 'The Deans'....)


What to do with all that?

Well, I've decided, at my good friend Bob's suggestion, that I'm not going to take it anymore.

Yup, that's right - the geniuses at Corus, the fine folks that fired Rafe Mair, a man who is nobody's watercarrier, have just lost yet another listener.

Because I'm done with CKNW for the duration of the election campaign.

Which is gonna be tough - not because I will miss Mr. Good (or Ms. Clark, or Mr. Till, or The PuffAddler).


The real tough part is that now I'm going to have to stick with the Cheerleader station after the Canuckleheads play-off games are done.

Oh, well.

Sometimes you've just gotta do what you've gotta do.

OK, maybe I'll miss McComb a little....
Anybody who wants the full live blog can get it here.
Again, Mr. Beers original post, with Mr. Good's 'reply' at the bottom is here.


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