Saturday, April 25, 2009

Campaign Day 12 (cont'd)...Gordon Campbell's Privatization Fail #34,302



One of the things we often hear the Puffed-up ProMedia Punditry parrot regarding the BC Liberal Party privatization meme is the following.....

'Who cares how they did it, because things are way better now....'



Here is just one of the most recent examples (amongst many) of how a privatized crown corporation is turning formerly priceless public assets to crap.

Christina Montgomery, Lotusland's best maritime journalist by about a 1000 leagues in all directions, has the story:

Here's a note just sent to me by a crew member from BC Ferries:

"Tsawwassen Terminal Berth #3 has been shut down for several days to make some repairs after huge holes were found behind the sheetpile wall.

It appears that the back fill has been scoured out and there is a failure of the sheetpile wall.

The suspect is believed to be the new coastal class vessels."....

OK, have you got that?

It would appear that those new ferries that were NOT built in Lotusland by Lotuslandians, but instead were built in Germany with about an extra $100 million of our money, are beating the crap out of the docks at Tsawwassen.

Nice work BC Ferries geniuses, especially because, as Story #2 from Ms. Montgomery points out, it is not just Tsawwassen where the crap is being beat out of the docks for no good reason at all.....

This just in from more crew worried about the effect the Coastals are having on the berths they power in and out of:

"They found out today that there is a cave carved out under Dock 3 Departure Bay, where the Coastal class docks..."

I guess we can expect an announcement any minute now from Ferries about how they're going to deal with, and pay for, this.

That, or we'll get word on whatever fabulous underwater money-making tourist scheme they're cooking up.

So, there you have it.

More evidence that the "Great Manager to the Corparate Stars", Gordon Campbell, is screwing us with our own money.

Image at top of post: An older privatization fail (#12,965)....The Davey Hahn-Assisted Drift of A Powerless Ferry over pleasurecraft at Horseshoe Bay in the summer of 2005.....The 'Great Manager To The Corporate Stars' did his best to blame that one on Glen Clark....Would'a thunk it!
Next up in the Privatization Fail Round-Up....
Do the people who live along the former BC Rail lines think the new private owner picked by the Great Manager is actually an improvement?


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