Monday, April 27, 2009

Campaign Day 14.......Hitting The Angry Constituent Trail


It's easy to figure out where Gordon Campbell will be campaigning today, Apr 27, 2009.

But what about the opposite?

In other words, where will Gordon Campbell make sure he doesn't show up today?


One place we're pretty sure the Premier of British Columbia won't be is Pacific Spirit Park in his home riding of Vancouver Point Grey.

Why are we pretty sure of that?

Well, if Mr. Campbell did show up there he just might have to explain to his constituents, some of whom are still very angry, why he traded the very public heart of a much beloved park for the edges of a very private golf course that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for him every year.


And just in case you're wondering....those signs were hard to find given that candidate Campbell has decided not to include headshots on the great majority (all?) of his.....Still yet to be substantiated rumours have led some to suggest that the park's Fairies may have built the ones you see in the image above.


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