Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Campaign Day 15 (cont'd)....The Return Of The Stealth-Cons!


LINO-Led Big Red/Blue* version, of course.

Charlie Smith has the story:

......In an e-mail to Lew McDonald, who is coordinator of the B.C. Health Coalition, B.C. Liberal communications officer Alexa Young wrote that the party "must decline to participate (in a debate on Health Care at the 411 Seniors Centre that was very successful in 2005)".

"As you can imagine, the number of requests for public appearances compared to the number of days of an election simply does not allow our candidates to schedule all requests," Young wrote. "All our candidates are committed to being accessible during their campaigns and as such we do encourage you to send us any questionnaires and or surveys and will be happy to complete them."

During the 2008 federal election, Conservative candidates refused to participate in several candidates debates across Metro Vancouver.....

Imagine that!

LINO = Liberal-In-Name-Only (Gordon Campbell Division).


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