Monday, April 27, 2009

Campaign Day 14 (cont'd)....Why We Should Be Worried About Gordon Campbell v.1.1


A few days ago (four score and seven in campaign years), I suggested that instead of a new and improved Gordon Campbell v.3.0, we just might wake-up on May 13th to find ourselves staring straight into the face of a wild-eyed, hopped-up version of the original model.

You know, the slash and burn version of Mr. Campbell that we got in 2001.

And now (ie. today) the VT-C's Dave Obee makes it very clear why we should be very, very afraid of that possibility:

"....You can bet that no matter what happens on election day, we will be told soon after that our finances are in much worse shape than we had been led to believe. The line might be that things have changed in the past few months, or possibly that the Liberals lied. Whatever the excuse, something will have to give.

There should be no doubt that cuts are coming. While there have been some positive signs lately, the economic downturn rolls on. Premier Gordon Campbell hates the idea of deficits, and will try to minimize one whatever the cost....."

It's a great column from Mr. Obee, very much worth reading in its entirety, that raises a vital issue that is not being discussed at all out on the campaign trail.

And we're pretty sure Mr. Campbell likes it that way.

Giddey-up little doggies!

Of course, there is another way to move 'structural deficits' off the books in addition to cutting programs....(see Assets, Public - Sell-off).....The question is, what's left?....To sell, I mean....Core Hydro business?....Every single Provincial Park in the province?...The Tops Of All The Mountains?....The Fish and Crawdads In All The Lakes?....All The Animals With Fur and/or Feathers?....Any and all remaining Timber Licenses....Hey!......Now there's a fine idea!
OK...maybe I better stop....I'm scaring myself again....


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