Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Campaign Day 8 (cont'd)....Who's The Real Wingnut 'Round Here?


Charlie Smith thinks it just might be Michael Smyth:

".....Province political columnist Mike Smyth claimed in today's column that Elmore was a "wingnut" for using the term Zionist five years ago.

Perhaps Smyth is right in this respect: any political candidate is a wingnut for using the term Zionist in a province with so many Canwest media outlets. But I'm more apt to believe that in the real world—as opposed to Canwest's world—a columnist who thinks someone is a wingnut for uttering the word Zionist is probably a wingnut himself......."

I think I'm with Mr. Smith on this one.

Because, in my opinion, and perhaps it really is an occupational hazard of writing for the particular 'newspaper' he works for, Mr. Smyth often undoes any and all good he does in his columns by going for the gratuitous cheap shot.

And Charlie's piece is worth reading, in full, for a second reason, which is that he once again brings up the issue of Lotuslandian columnists accepting speakers' fees from the very folks they are writing about.....


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