Thursday, April 23, 2009

Campaign Day 10 (cont'd)....How The Wurlitzer Works

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Have a look at the screenshot above, taken Thursday Apr 23, 2009, the day after Earth Day, which was generated through Google News using the search string 'British Columbia Environment'.

Two pretty big stories, eh?

Both bad news for Carole James.

Lets take the top item first......

...About how Ms. James was burning up all that fuel on Apr 22nd while the conservationist Gordon Campbell was so frugal, 400 litres to 40.......


This is pure, unadulterated codswallop.

And the headline is unforgiveable yellow journalism of the worst, most misleading, kind.


Because the campaign totals so far, according to other media reports, for the two leaders are very, very different; Mr. Campbell has apparently burned almost twice as much (and more than 4000 litres more) compared the total burned by Ms. James .


(I'll deal with the second big 'story' later - hint: It's all in the 'source' of the survey)

CTV reported yesterday that the totals so far are 8900/4800 Campbell/James....(thanks to The Goodship Watercarrier's arch-nemesis, Brian From Garden Bay for the heads-up)....


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