Saturday, April 04, 2009

Public Eye Goes Deep!


In case you missed it (and I almost did because I spent most of the day on that pernicious pile of putrid pavement known as the SeaToSky SlowWay), the British Columbia section of today's Globe and Mail was pretty much entirely devoted to the investigatory journalism of one Sean M. Holman.

And the subject?

Why, everybody's favorite non-lobbyist, Mr. Patrick Kinsella, of course.

Now, if you spend any time at all at Sean's invaluable website, Public Eye, you already know the story.

But to see it all laid out in one place, all together in cold black print, was darned impressive.

In fact, if things continue to develop in a similar vein I think I smell a Webster Award in the offing.

Which would be Mr. Holman's second.

And it would be well deserved.

Gosh, almost forgot the link to the 'Public Eye Section' in the Globe. It's here, and will soon be on the side-bar for constant reference as the story further develops.
Oh, ya, I guess I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Mark Hume contributed which, I think, likely makes him the beer stein to Mr. Holman's high-fiber wood products......If you get my drift....
Finally, it will be interesting to see how CanWest responds....Will they put resources on the story, or, will they let their gong get banged continuously as happened with the Olympic Village Boondoggle last fall?


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