Monday, April 20, 2009

Campaign Day 7 (cont'd)....."You Don't Send Me Flowers, Anymore?"


Which just might be something that the Fraser Institute's Michael Walker is asking Gordon Campbell these days.

After all, how else to explain the following, taken from the Vancouver Sun's most useful survey for the B.C. Liberal Party's candidate in Vancouver Point Grey:

Please note the non-response to question #2 (outlined in red by me).

What the heckfire does that actually mean?

Well, the VSun itself explains:

"Candidates were asked whether they strongly agree, agree, disagree or strongly disagree with the following statements. (If the space is blank, then they refused to answer that question.)"


Why is Mr. Campbell refusing to answer that question?

Does he have a problem with the question itself?

Does he have a problem with Mr. Walker's Institute's 'Report Cards'?

Does someone he know have a problem with either and/or both?


Is he just afraid of burgeoning 'Wedge Issues On Silver Platters'?


Oh, and as for that third question, a question that the candidate 'agreed' with......
Somehow, I wonder if, perhaps, a very well respected observer/commenter on the issue named Mr. Ted Hughes might think differently. Heck, maybe somebody in the proMedia might like to ask him Mr. Hughes about that.
The VSun's Candidate Survey page
, which really is most useful, can be entered here.


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