Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dipper Push-Back On The Refurbishing Of BC Place



"He was sunk in despair. He was desperate... he called his equally depressed campaign manager and instructed him to.....accuse his high-riding opponent (the pig farmer) of having routine carnal knowledge of his barnyard sows, despite the pleas of his wife and children... His campaign manager was shocked. 'We can't say that, Lyndon,' he said. 'It's not true.' 'Of course it's not,' Johnson barked at him, 'but let's make the bastard deny it.'..."
Hunter Thompson, on Lyndon Johnson's 1948 Congressional Campaign.

The other day, we noted a little media Wurlitzering going on, by self-interested parties, of a stale-dated BC Liberal Party claim that, essentially, goes something like this:

"The NDP is so stupid that if they win they won't pay to put the new roof on BC Place!"

Of course, as we also noted at the time, that story/claim had no actual basis in fact.

But, just to be sure, yesterday the NDP posted-up a pushback:

Feeling heat for their misplaced priorities, the Campbell Liberals are lying about the NDP's position on the B.C. Place roof.

Carole James' election platform does include funding to cover the estimated $365 million cost of a retractable roof based on the limited details that the Campbell government has released about the project.

We're committed to looking at possible ways to save some money on the project.

We will work closely with Whitecaps owner Greg Kerfoot and president Bob Lenarduzzi to ensure that the Whitecaps are able to use B.C. Place for their inaugural MLS season in 2011.

Our platform also allocates significant additional capital money--$100 million--to build soccer fields and other important recreational facilities in communities across B.C.

It will create new jobs and benefit thousands of soccer kids and adults who play the game..

'Nuff said (at least until the LINO's start making claims about barnyards)?

Oh, and we'll soon post-up our own advice on how the Dippers can save, say, $300 million and still have a brand new ENTIRE stadium for the Whitecaps et al......


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