Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When, Exactly, Did Gordon Campbell Break His BC Rail Promise?


In a 'Legislature Raids' website exclusive, former BC Liberal caucus member Paul Nettleton tells our good friend Mary M. that, to his understanding at least, the decision to break the promise NOT to 'sell' off BC Rail was made, premeditatively, almost as soon Mr. Campbell was elected the first time:

"It was some years later...... (after becoming the Liberal critic for BC Rail in opposition in 1996) the Vancouver office of the premier within months of the election of 2001 that I was informed by Mr Campbell and Martyn Brown (Shirley Bond and Pat Bell were also present) that the pre election promise to maintain BCR as a Crown Corporation was about to be broken......"

(stuff in brackets mine, based on previous paragraph
in Mr. Nettleton's statement)


It would appear that one important question British Columbians may wish to ask themselves as this election campaign proceeds, and the promises from the Premier mount, is the following:

Do we feel third time lucky?

Oh, and please note the inclusion of potential witnesses to this covert act of premeditation alleged by Mr. Nettleton, both of whom are currently standing for re-election.....Perhaps some enterprising young reporter out on the campaign trail and/or in Prince George would be so bold as to ask those fine folks about their recollections of that meeting.....


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