Saturday, April 25, 2009

Campaign Day 12....Readers Comments....


We've had lots of great comments roll in during the first 12 days of the British Columbia election campaign.

And almost all of them have spurred-on discussion and/or generated ideas for new investigatory avenues.

So much so that I can't wait to read what arrives over the next 12 days as things really start to heat up.


But not everything that is golden in the comments section has to be political to be on point.

Well, at least not directly.

Take the following comment from pol hating, horse playing, derby loving, terra stompin', green chain wranglin', vinyl resurrectin', Bukowskian kindred-spiritin', Mr. Beer 'N Hockey:

"On Patrick Kinsella: history proves a mutual interest in race horses provides lots of opportunites to share a phone line. Also, while there are individuals related to racing who are investigated for one thing or the other, overall, they know how how to skirt the edge of the blue paint like Bob Gainey when he was still playing with the Habs."

Poetry in motion that, no?

On a whole lotta levels.

And buried in it might be a damned fine idea or seven for where Sean Holman might want to go with his next flurry of FOI requests.


Oh, and I also had this response for Beer, when he suggested that the only way JVD would be forced to step down by the good folks of the Big Book Belt would be if were caught doing something really, really, really bad....." But what if he sang 'diddies' with and danced with uncoordinated children and, maybe, ran an evil baby orphanage as the even more evil Miss Hannigan....Would that do it?
Finally, for those of you with a fondness for secret slobs, digressions, and poems on baseball gloves, you might want to check out the following out from the guy, John Green, who talks about the evil baby orphanage concept above.


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