Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Six Reasons Why The Convention Center Might Be Gordon Campbell's Land-Locked Fast Ferry


I commented on this last Friday when I Live-Flogged the Thin Edge of the Ledge session on the Goodship W.C.

It's Vaughn Palmer's six ways the ConCtr is, indeed, comparable to the FastFerries:

--starting construction before plans were complete.

--budgeting based on next to nothing in the way of a design.

--board with a lack of expertise in the project that was under construction.

--not telling the public when costs began to spiral out of control.

--premier making grandiose promise about being on time and on budget when there was no sound basis for the claim.

--huge overrun.

Kinda puts the boots to the notion that, if you are centrist, you should most definitely swing towards Mr. Campbell because he knows how to do things best, eh?

An interesting aspect of Mr. P's list is that he didn't have it in a column. Instead, he posted it up on his blog after commenters asked for it....Interesting that, no?


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