Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Campaign Day 8 (cont'd)....Patrick Kinsella Slaps Back!


Well, whadd'ya know.

Patrick Kinsella, or at least his lawyer, is mad as heckfire, and he's not going to take it anymore......

So far, it would appear that, only CKNW has the story:

In the midst of the Provincial Election campaign, former Liberal Campaign Chair Patrick Kinsella is fighting back against NDP criticism.

His lawyer, James Sullivan with the Vancouver law firm "Blake, Cassels and Graydon" has written NDP Leader Carole James, NDP candidate Leonard Krog, and the New Democratic Party, demanding an apology within three days or further action will be considered.

The letter states articles on the NDP website alleging Kinsella is a corrupt businessman who is using his influence with politicians for unfair personal gain, are false, highly damaging, malicious, and defamatory.

Sullivan writes, "Mr. Kinsella did not receive 300-thousand dollars from the Campbell Government to help sell BC Rail, he never met or spoke to the Premier in respect to the sale of BC Rail."

No where in the letters does Sullivan actually say Kinsella is suing for defamation.


Not that we want to be whacked and/or slapped down ourselves or anything but, in the interest of giving you a little more information that will be on the final exam of 'Parsing 101' scheduled for May 12th at 8:01 pm.....

Of course Mr. Kinsella 'never met or spoke to the Premier in respect to the sale of BC Rail'.

How do we know this with certainty?

Because, as the Premier has already told us over and over and over and over again.....

A 990 year lease is not, in fact, a sale.

Or a sell off.

Or a sell out.

Or selling us down the river.

Or screwing us over royally with an interminable lease that is definitely not a sale and/or a tax grab-assisted gratuity for the purchasing party.

Or any such thing.


Thanks to reader GWest for sending us off on our slap-happy hunt.
And now, more than ever, especially given Vaughn Palmer's column linked to above, we most certainly would be most appreciative if CN Rail would give us, the people of British Columbia whose Railway they are currently leasing for, like, forever, a straight answer about whether or not Mr. Kinsella ever worked for them too. Or would that be too much to ask?


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