Friday, April 17, 2009

Campaign Day 4......LINO's Online....

...Lameiosity Is Their Name

Oh, sure, you can waste time at their no-information/extremely lame Party Website, as noted by VT-C columnist Les Leyne:

"....Not to sound like an old mainstream media fuddy-duddy or anything, but the Liberals' "digital platform" is almost as boring as Premier Gordon Campbell's Twitter output. ("Beautiful day to open a campaign office. Lot's [sic] of energy. This should be fun.")....."

But have you seen their YouTube site?


My 'favorite' is the one about the Michael Scott Beetlewood Company's 'Third Largest Wood Roof In The World!'....

Ya, baby!

A world-class, super-slow speed-skating oval built below sea level where the air is so heavy the athletes will be lucky to crack their great-grandmothers' career best times.....But.... You can.... As the iconic CEO says.....

'See the river!'


What's next I wonder? 'The World's 17th Best Beet Farm Bed and Breakfast' right next door?


LINO: 'Liberal-In-Name-Only
Something else that is bizarre is how downright cringe-inducing some of the YouTube stuff is. Especially the ones in black-and-white where the subject matter is often eyebrow-raising, to say the least.
And how 'bout those hit-rates...... Many of the view numbers are so miniscule that they appear to be a pretty reasonable indicator that even the good folks from Rm 223, the PABst Blue/Red Ribbon Brigade, and/or the War Room can't stomach this drekk.....


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