Thursday, April 16, 2009

With Third Parties Like This, Who Needs Gag Laws...


This just in (well, OK, it actually arrived yesterday) from Sean Holman and Public Eye.....

2010 LegaciesNow was one of three groups that paid for a half-page advertisement in The Vancouver Sun this past Sunday to thank the government for investing in sports. But the society, which has received $170 million in provincial taxpayer funding since 2003, says that ad wasn't connected to the election. "There was an announcement the previous weekend of $5 million invested in the sport system in British Columbia that the province had made," explained society communications director Karen McDonald......

Did you catch that?

Three Campbell Government favorites that have received more of your money than most school boards in the last 6 years, just spent $12,000 more of your money to 'congratulate' the Campbell Government for giving them even more money.

Just two days before the start of an election campaign.

And guess who just happens to be on the board of the lead organization, LegaciesNow, that received all of your money funneled through Mr. Campbell's government?

Why, none other than Mr. Campbell's former right hand man, content consultant extradordinare, and self-confessed wearer of many hats, Mr. Kenneth Dobell.


Who knew that 'The Dobranos' would be back for another season?


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