Monday, April 06, 2009

Is Cluffie And/Or The CBC Censoring Rafe Mair?


At the tail end of a disastrous early Monday morning experiment that I'll tell you about later, I finally got so exasperated that I flipped on down the dial to listen to the PuffMaster Flash on CBC Radio One's Early Edition.

Mostly so I could catch the political panel consisting of Say-It-Ain't-So-Moh Sihota, Erin 'The Corrector' Airton, and the Rafeinator talk all matters provincial election.

The big issue of the day, apparently, is whether or not Carole James can demonstrate that she's tough enough to bite the heads off of live bats during the upcoming TV debates (or some such stupid thing).

Oh, there was a brief, shallow discussion of Mr. Campbell's privatization blitzkrieg and all it has done to separate us (ie. the people of British Columbia) from most the crown jewels we used to own.

And then something interesting happened....

The talk turned very briefly to 'private power' and Rafe let slip something to the effect that (even though he had just done so) he wasn't allowed to talk about it.

Which made me rub my chin and go.....Hmmmmmmm.

Later, just before the 8:30am news, we flipped back to the Cluffmaster to hear Fred Lee, which my kids insist upon every Monday....And gosh darn it if Fred didn't go deep and call the new Convention Center a gigantic, $880 million 'Cactus Club'.....Now there is someone who is willing to talk truth to ('tacky') power.
For the record, Fred tried to call it a $900 million dollar boondoggle but Cluffie insisted on the 880 monicker....As Fred would say....."Way To Go Rickie!'



Anonymous said...

Dont insult Rick Cluff you asshole!

RossK said...


Are you suggesting that soft-tossers should get a pass?