Sunday, April 05, 2009

Who Will Fix The B.C. Liberals' 'Conservative' Problem?


This morning on Public Eye Radio, during a discussion of whether or not the BC Conservative Party will hive votes from the hides of Gordon Campbell's LINOs in the upcoming election, Hell Raising panel member Eleanor Gregory made a most interesting point when she suggested that fixing the problem in GordCo's favour might......

"....Be a job for Patrick Kinsella...."

Good one Ms. Gregory.

Another interesting point of discussion on this morning's show was the possibility that Gregor has gone (at least a little) Gordo....Mr. Holman suggested that this might be Gregor's first move in a future big play for the provincial crown (as.....a true (l)Liberal?)...Having seen how well the really big tent/true coalition concept worked, up close and personal, last fall in the City of Vancouver, I find this suggestion pretty compelling.....All of which caused a really crazy question to pop up in my mind....If we had a true centrist alternative provincially, would the BC NDP go the way of COPE?
*LINO=Liberal In Name Only.


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