Monday, April 06, 2009

RailGate Geometry.....Uncle Dave's Triangle


David Berner has a very good RailGate post up that uses symmetry like a surgeon's knife:

Gordon Campbell. Partick Kinsella. David McLean.

There are more, of course, but that's enough to draw the basic outline.

Campbell is the Premier of the Province of British Columbia. He will, in all likelihood still be the Premier on the morning of May 13th.

He's the Premier who swore in a previous election campaign that BC Rail was not for sale and never would be.

Never turned out to be about 6 months.

Kinsella is a little bit of everything.

Political wizard, running successful campaigns for all manner of would-bes, including...wait for it..Gordon Campbell.

Kinsella also has worked as a communications consultant ("But I am not a lobbyist!") for BC Rail and (allegedly)* CN Rail. Hm...

McLean is the CN Chairman and major fundraiser know...Gordon Campbell.

Now, there's also Martyn Brown to consider, but that would make our neat triangle a box or a rhomboid or a moibus strip or something curving ever deeper in on itself until it finds its own entrails as delicious desert.

Brown is the Premier's chief of staff, who after he stopped having daily social intercourse with Kinsella during an election campaign, was having regular conversations with Kinsella about guessed it...CN Rail......

Uncle Dave then goes on to suggest where 'The Triangle' should go (hint: think British Territory in the North Atlantic and/or Crowbar Hotels) and he lets us know who he plans to vote for on May 12th (which surprised me a little bit), but that's neither here nor there.

Go read it all - it's worth it.

Funny, like Mr. Mair, I wonder if Mr. Berner is somebody the geniuses at Corus wish they still had working for them at the (nolonger)Giant98. After all, they cannot be happy with the numbers they are getting from the anemic Adler in Uncle Dave's old 7-9pm slot....
*Please note: I inserted the 'alleged' above because, despite circumstantial evidence being presented in court by the RailGate defence team, we do not know for certain that Mr. Kinsella was 'working' for Mr. McLean's company .


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