Friday, July 11, 2014

After Careful Consideration...


I've been out of town for a few days, so I apologize, but I just can't let this pass....

It comes straight from the geniuses at Corus latest fair-haired radio boy, Mr. Ian Koenigfest (as recorded for posterity, in full, by Harvey O):

...After careful consideration, Bill (Good) has decided to retire from his daily show to pursue other opportunities which don’t require him getting up at 6 am every day and leaving the Sunshine Coast on a sunny Sunday afternoon....

There's all kinds of stuff worth commenting on in that single sentence given that the (no longer so) Giant '98 is now number 14, or whatever, in the Lotuslandian longwave rankings.

But I think I'll just go with the irony of that 'Sunshine Coast' comment.


Because I distinctly remember one of the NW's go-to shillophants excoriating those lazy union scofflaws who are ruining our province's economy because they have the gall to head off to the sunshiney place for the weekend.

As for all the protectors of the Sparkle Ponies (and the cronies they provide cover for)....

More power to them!

And, of course, there are hardly any 'regular people' who drag their asses out of bed at 6am every morning...Right?
Awwww, what the heckfire!....Fire away on what you think those 'other opportunities' the good Mr. Good will be pursuing.
Apologies for getting a little carried away...Just got out of the cigar tube and I'm feisty.


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