Saturday, July 12, 2014

This Weekend In Snookland...In Which Mr. de Jong Battens Down The Graydon Story Newscycle Hatches.



What is the Snooklandian Fi-Nancy Minister going to do about the fact that the Auditor General has ruled that former wizard Michael Graydon was in a conflict of interest when he jumped from our regulator directly into the jaws of the Casino-Industrial-Shark (and took a bunch of our money and data with him he leaped)?


You know.

Essentially nothing to the triumverate involved (via MHume in the Globe):

...Finance Minister Mike de Jong said he is calling for a review of the codes of conduct by all Crown corporations, health authorities and post-secondary education institutions and wants to see consistent standards across the board.

Mr. de Jong said the audit findings “are troubling to the extent that they reveal a very senior official conducted himself …in a manner that was both inconsistent and fell short of the standards that one would expect.”

Mr. de Jong said he didn’t know of any way to penalize Mr. Graydon, but the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch will examine the situation...


Is there really no way to penalize Mr. Graydon and the others involved?

The folks from Vancouver-Not-Vegas think not:

Vancouver, July 11, 2014: Following the report of the BC government’s internal auditor, Vancouver Not Vegas renews its February 13th call for the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) to block PV Hospitality (a Paragon Gaming-related company) from employing Michael Graydon.

“The government has the power to halt Mr. Graydon’s employment with Paragon and must act decisively to protect the public trust and integrity of the gaming industry,” says Ian Pitfield, a retired lawyer and member of Vancouver Not Vegas.

“The public can’t trust Michael Graydon, it’s that simple.” says Sandy Garossino, spokesperson for Vancouver Not Vegas. “This goes far beyond his $125,000 severance package. He will guide PV Hospitality through the BCLC development subsidy program, which might amount to as much as $100 million or more. The fox is in charge of the henhouse, and our government has to step in.”...

The point to remember here is that we still (allegedly) regulate these people.


Why not actually hold these actual people (and the Premiers b/w hangers-on) that actually commit their various deeds and conflicts to account?


Why not?

Don't tell anyone, but....I think the answer can be found within the ugly guts of a fine little Campbellerian/Snooklandian concept-monster that has been worked, hard, just behind the wizard's curtain since day one...It's sometimes known as 'Pay-To-Play'...More on that later.



Anonymous said...

Type in bc boondoggle search
and see the results in web image news segments

Anonymous said...

sounds like BC

e.a.f. said...

Toronto has this lovely lawyer who keeps taking the feds to court and winning. it might be fun if B.C. had some enterprising young thing itself. some of these violations must be, if not illegal, some how, as a civil matter be a breach of trust. It would be interesting see if a taxpaying citizen or group of citizens started suing some of these friends of the b.c. liberals, for breach of trust. even if a hundred got together and did it in small claims court, it could be fun.

its like when campbell had B.C Hydro buy electricity from IPPs at 10 cents when they could only sell it for 4 cents and then you have a look at the ownenrs/shareholders of the IPPs. Ya, and that happened on our tax dime. Now some may say its criminal, but perhaps not, but is it a breach of trust? If so, could we sue him and make him pay. Because no one is that stupid they would have a company buy at 10 cents and sell at 4 cents. or will campbell and his b.c. lieberls admits they really are that stupid. then once they've admitted that, we have something to get rid of them for. not mentally competent to hold office, o.k. its a nice thought.

Anonymous said...

Why don't the liars, oops I mean the liberals just pull any gaming licence that paragon has, and end of story, but that would mean losing a probable big contributor to the liars reelection fund.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

As I understand it, a casino fry cook working for one of our major gambling houses cannot bet a dime within any of his employer's places of business without fear of being fired on the spot yet the government gambling don can get away with a conflict that could land a man in jail if further investigated. One law for us, one law for them.