Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This Evening In Snookland...Get Fired...Do Not Pass Go...Do Collect $460,140.


Mackin in BIV:

The general manager of B.C. Place Stadium, who was fired after the provincial election, received a $460,140 golden parachute, according to public sector executive compensation disclosures.

The pay packet lists were released July 15, the same day as the Public Accounts for the year-ended March 31, 2014.

Howard Crosley, GM since 1998, received a total $490,563 in 2013-2014, of which $26,348 was salary, $438,375 severance and $19,964 a vacation payout...

The straw that is breaking this citizen's back?

That $20K vacation 'payout'.

Jeez, Louise.

As for those disabled parents barely getting by on what the Snooklandian leader says we can 'afford'?

Let them eat (vacation) cake!

(or some such thing)


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Anonymous said...

“It wasn’t designed to go around the cap, it was to enhance the compensation package.”