Wednesday, July 09, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Boss Is Workin' It, Hard.


The lede from Ms. Christy Clark's latest communication with her constituents, via the Kelowna Capital News:

With another Okanagan summer upon us, politics and government are probably the last things on people’s minds.

But the work of government goes on, even if sometimes I wish I was on the water instead...


What does Ms. Clark imply that she is workin' so hard at instead of getting out on the water in this, her first full summer, as the MLA for Westide-Kelowna (the bye-bye was one year ago tomorrow)?


She is apparently kinda/sorta maybe getting ready to drive the new Rapid Buses across the bridge into town...


She also might be doing a little paving along Brown Road, paid for with Gas Tax Fund Sparkle Pony money she just may have carried downtown herself.

She could also be manning the phones to raise some money for the Lions to build their new hall.

And, believe it or not...

She just might be both be training kids for high demand Sparkle Pony jobs (like building ships, perhaps) at OK College and getting ready to do a little open heart surgery at Kelowna General.


Of course, as has been the case so many times before, there is no hard evidence that the good Premier will actually be doing any of the things she pretends she is doing.

But one thing that for sure that she will be doing that will keep her off the water is 'embracing free enterprise', which is why, I guess, you and I rather than the purveyor's of the Sparkle Ponies will be paying for Site C and all those IPP contracts.



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