Monday, July 28, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Duplicity, Thy Name Is 'Briefing Note'.


Turns out that Ms. Clark's minister for family and children was being extremely economical with the truth when she told the legislature back in the spring that there were no plans to ship kids in custody from Victoria to the mainland.

Lindsay Kines and Louise Dickson of the VTC have the story. Here is their lede and a little bit more, which gives you both sides of the obfuscation sandwich (go read the rest of the piece for the filling labeled excrement):

B.C.’s minister of children and family development told the legislature in March that there were no plans to close any youth jails, even though she knew officials had been preparing for months to shutter the Victoria Youth Custody Centre, documents show.

Stephanie Cadieux told the NDP’s Carole James on March 24 that “at this point, we have no plan in place to make any significant changes because we’re still looking at what our options are to maintain the best service for the youth that we do have in custody.”

Newly released documents, however, suggest Cadieux was briefed on a plan at least four months earlier. One document seeks her approval for “announcements on December 4, 2013, to close Victoria Youth Custody Services.”...


...Cadieux was unavailable to comment on Friday. Her ministry issued a statement saying that officials were merely exploring options — including alternatives to closing the jail — last fall and winter.

The ministry added that the briefing notes are standard practice...


Mayber there is a great P3 privatization opportunity for out there for this one too.

After all, if we've gotta incarcerate some of our citizens, the least we can do is make sure that somebody makes some money off the deal.


How much are the fine folks running that ministry, you know the one that also saves a whole lotta moola by making sure that kids in care without foster families don't get a present (deemed 'extra') during the holidays?....Well, according to Kines and Dickson of the VTC, the number is $4.5 million....Gosh...How many bogus Bollywood bonanzas could you buy with that?...10?...5?...2?....1?....How about less than half of one... And no, despite my lack of 'established credibility' I am not making that up.



Lew said...

Seems to me that if other plans were being considered there should have been anticipatory announcement approvals and form letters for those as well, no? Where are they?

Maybe Ms. Cadieux will tell us after emerging with a session or two of story straightening with J. P. Fraser and his “public engager” minions.

Anonymous said...

From the Kines article (distilled). Essentially the Ministry couldn't consult with stakeholders or have discussion in the public realm because the cabinet decision hadn't been made yet....

Think about it....


North Van's Grumps said...

where have all the children gone.....

Jennifer Moreau / Burnaby Now
January 20, 2012

The government is closing the girls' units inside youth prisons in Victoria and Prince George to save money by centralizing services in Burnaby's youth prison.

"We are deeply concerned that instead of creating community based alternatives to imprisonment, the ministry will breach girls' human rights, particularly aboriginal girls who are disproportionately represented in B.C. youth prisons, by displacing girls hundreds of kilometers from their home communities and subjecting them to cruel and inhumane conditions of confinement," the letter states.

RossK said...


Then that is what Ms. Cadieux should have told the house...

Good question Lew...

Thanks for that NVG. That report from Ms. Moreau, which is a solid one, is a couple of years old...Wonder what has happened since the Snooklandians were unleashed last spring.


e.a.f. said...

Christy chrunch and her crew don't care about kids, even less about First Nation kids. If they go to the lower mainland and can't see their families, not her problem. she and Cad. don't care and never will. They want the money for oil and film companies.

Its like in Hawaii, they would send women from there to Texas to serve their sentences. Yes, did a lot for families. Did the American federal government care? Nope. Do the lieberals care about b.c. kids? Nope. They don't vote, so they don't care. Their families and parents most likely don't vote a lot, so the government doesn't care.

If all of these children killed themselves within a 6 month time period, Christy clark and her crew still wouldn't care.

Christy doesn't care about kids who go to B.C. public schools so why would she care about kids in public jails.

Christy and her crew don't care about children living at 50% below the poverty line, so why would she care about kids in jail.

Christy and her crew don't care about anything or anyone outside their own crew. If they did this province wouldn't have the highest rate of child poverty for 10yrs. If she and the lieberals remain in office for another 10 yrs, things will be just as bad or worse.