Thursday, July 03, 2014

Sea-To-Sky Subsidy Wins Affordability Contest!


Norm Farrell has crunched the numbers and has determined that every car (yes, every, single car) that travels the Sea-To-Sky Highway is subsidized by you an me to the tune of twelve dollars:

...(A)bout 4 million vehicles using Sea to Sky Highway annually. With operating cost around $60 million a year, each vehicle movement costs taxpayers about $15. If traffic has grown by 15%, the subsidy would be about $12. However, the subsidy would be higher if we factored in the cost of the one-third portion of the Highway paid for directly by the province...


Guess some things are just more 'affordable' than others:

...(Premier Christy) Clark said this week that she knows the benefits (for disabled people), frozen since 2007, are too low. But British Columbia is just too poor to provide any increase. That will have to wait for some unknown future when it is “affordable,” she said...




sd said...

Simultaneously writing this and sharpening my pitchfork. Some other things we can't afford ; school counselors,special needs help, music teachers,librarians, textbooks, and obeying two court decisions. The list goes on and on,but hey,who cares when you have a 500k credit card to boot. Holy crap Batman!

Anonymous said...

Ken Dobell says the 2010 Games were a wash and left a debt-free legacy for the country.

So, I guess we know now who to hire for highway bargaining ;)