Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Earlier Today In Snookland...The Boss' Big Presser.


In case you missed it, Christy Clark held a press conference earlier today.


What did she talk about/what was she asked about by the assembled herd...





...Site C Dam?

...Northern Gateway?

...Polish ferries?

Are you kidding?

The real answer...

The devil weed.


(Gosh, was Beer there?)



bcwaterboy said...

Did you catch the bit where Ms Clark is going to focus on growing the economy and creating jobs? She must have totally missed the piece about the windfalls going on in those areas with the brains to legalize the stuff. Forget LNG, marijuana is the key to BC's prosperity fund. Now that's a sparkle pony that could actually happen. Funny how nobody followed up about the economy when she "gosh-darned" the whole issue back to her buddy Steve in Ottawa.

RossK said...

Excellent point about the SP's bcw--

Of course there are other real resource sparkle ponies lying around all over the place that we are currently giving away to cronies for free (after they've gotten their pay-to-play cards of course).

Norm Farrell is all over that issue.


e.a.f. said...

Washington State is the one "growing the economy" literally. At least they were smart enough to legalize the stuff and tax it. We still have dumb and dumber, yes she is both talking about "growing the economy" but we have yet to see any jobs anywhere in this province. The ferry contracts went to Poland. Didn't hear anything from that little twit batsmen and his taxpayers association either.

Oh, well this province is truly fucked and not kissed, and the debts will continue to climb until we get to declare bankruptcy just like Detroit. that is what we are, Detroit North