Thursday, July 03, 2014

BC Ferries Runs Frivolous Contest On Twittmachine...Followers Respond (Hilariously).

The truly bizarre part?

The BC Ferries Twitmachine 'Team' has 13 members.

And, no, for you folks currently waiting in line at Tsawwassen because there aren't enough ticket windows open...

I'm not making that up.



Dave said...

Must. Keep BC. Ferries. Vacations. Alive.

Hard to justify something that has no purpose, so spend more time, money and people on it. And ... it is their illustrious premier's riding they're now promoting ... y'know. (Even though they absolutely refuse to get involved in an integrated highway and transit system beyond their property).

Maybe they're trying to put up a smoke screen .... oh ... I know what it is!

Boris said...

The responses to the tweet kinda lay it out.