Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Who Likes The New Dipper Shadow Cabinet Most?


Which Snooklandian is happiest with the changeroo by NDP boss John Horgan?

Hands down,  we reckon it has to be the Minister of Advanced Education, Amrik Virk.

Because now that David Eby is the Dipper in charge of, as Bob Mackin suggested on the Twittmachine,  Rich Coleman (ie. Housing/Tourism/Liquor/Gambling) he will no longer be making mincemeat out of Mr. Virk on a regular basis due to a story line that began with this and just never quit.

It got so bad for Mr. Virk that even Stephen Quinn picked up on Mr. Eby's line of questioning on the MoCo Monday morning. You can listen to Mr. Virk not answer why he will not make the University Administrator Salary Cap numbers public ("there is a range" is Virk's repeated useless response) here. Have a listen if you haven't already, if only to hear 7 minutes of what the vacationing Puffmaster Flash would never, ever do.

Watching Mr. Eby take on the 'gambling' file (i.e. BCLC and PavCo combined) is going to be most interesting...Surprised Mr. Horgan didn't add 'Paragon' to the monicker as well...
There is a slightly cheesy Star Wars analogy in all of this if you wish to conjure it...


Anonymous said...

I heard the interview and Stephen Quinn rocked. Unlike the "Puffmaster Flash" he is able to follow a (non)answer with a relevant follow up and he's not afraid to turn the heat up on whomever blows smoke his way. The Puffster reads from a script (are they his questions or did someone help with the writing?) no matter what (non)answer is offered up. The MoCo has a gem in Mr Quinn. One of the best around, if not the best

RossK said...


I very much agree with your assessment of how Mr. Quinn works.

I am convinced that the other fellow often works from a producer's script pretty much entirely (and pretty much unread ahead of time by said host). My reason for coming to this conclusion is that, in these situations, not only does said host not follow-up directly but he will often ask a question a few moments later (i.e. that is further down the page) that the interviewee has already answered.


e.a.f. said...

I'm happy. Eby is good. His office is good.

When I sent a letter regarding the lack of response from the NDP about the ferry contracts going to Poland, his office was the first to respond, the next morning.

The sent me a copy of the NDP press release and then referred me to the appropriate NDP MLA who handles that portfolio.

Coleman isn't going to have an easy ride with Eby on his case. Ah, this ought to be fun.

Anonymous said...

The BC NDP better not be too offensive or they'll be AUDITED!

The Canadian Press’s list of charities being audited for political activities by the Canada Revenue Agency reads suspiciously like a Who’s Who of the Canadian left. - Don Cayo, Vancouver Sun

Anonymous said...

To add to Anon 7:34'S note...
the view from inside a non-profit