Sunday, July 13, 2014

Robocall Witness...Poor, Poor Pitiful He.


Well, well, well...

Former young CPC boy about town, Mr. Andrew Prescott, is saving up to buy a house.

As a result, he's apparently turning to 'supporters' for help with his 'massive' legal bills.

Postmedia's Stephen McMaher has the story:

The key witness in the Guelph “robocalls” trial has sent an email to supporters seeking donations to help him cover $800 in legal expenses...

You may recall that young Mr. Prescott cut a deal for his testimony in the robocall trial against the CPC's chief scapegoat, Mr. Michael Sona.

Which is why another aspect of this story is actually more troubling than the pathetic part mentioned above:

...Prescott testified that Sona had walked through the campaign office, exultantly repeating “it’s working” when a robocall went out to opposition supporters, fraudulently directing them to the wrong polling location. But even the Crown acknowledged that Prescott’s testimony was of limited value since his memory of events in 2011 seemed to change as time went by...


Wouldn't/shouldn't difficulties with straight stories void immunity agreements?


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