Sunday, July 27, 2014

Helping The Poor...What Would Jesus Do?


Pretty sure it wouldn't be this:

...Canadian Christian Charities Association CEO Rev. John Pellowe believes Oxfam was "clearly offside in this."

"They're expressing surprise, but prevention of poverty is not a charitable purpose, and should not have been put in their [mission] statement," he said...

I guess some folks can justify just about anything in the name of something or other.

Meanwhile, Oxfam, after staring down both barrels of the auditor's big donation destroying gun, has removed the 'offending (anti-poverty) phrase' and received its registration.

Above was from Kady O. of the MoCo...Ms. Mallick of the Star also has more....



Danneau said...

My curmudgeonly view is that any society that relies on charity is doomed to failure, and that we should be striving for systemic economic justice as we include everyone in some form of contributory activity for the benefit of society. Note that selling more useless stuff to folks who already have too much is not contributory to the well-being of society, less so than sitting around doing nothing. Bigger E., with reference to the following post, in engaged in the spiritual enhancement of an area clearly in need of just that, and thusly fulfils her societal mandate.

Anonymous said...

It's actually the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, which is so transparent it doesn't list any of its members on its website ( It does, however, boast a team of accountants and advertise an online store.