Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Can We Disappear That School Just Like The Progress Board?


An interesting academic report by Tsur Somerville of UBC's Sauder School of Business about fiscal performance of recent British Columbia governments is out.

Here is a key finding:


This is actually worse (for the Knotty Gordians and the Snooklandians at least) than that darned Progress Board and all of its reports  and charts about how things were as good, or better, in the '90's than in the 00's.

Remember that?

And remember who disappeared it?

As I've said before, I would be much more willing to cut the folks who have been neanderconning of our economy and our tax/user fee structure in this Province for the last 13 years if it actually made things better for the great majority of us...But it has not.....Think about that when you hear about a single disabled Mom who can't afford decent shoes for her kids.......Or the severely disabled adult who is thrown out of his long term residency.......Or the kid in care who doesn't have a foster home and thus doesn't get an 'extra' gift at Christmas......Or why we keep giving larger and larger subsidies to wealthy people who don't want their kids to have to mix with all that riff-raff in the public system.....Or why we balance our books on the backs of folks who actually have to pay for their own MSP premiums (who are, more often than not I would suggest, the very same folks who can't afford to send their kids to subsidized private school)......Or all that giving away of the real sparkle ponies right here and right now that Norm Farrell is always discovering....OK?


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Anonymous said...

After reviewing the report, I'm left wondering about a few of the findings.
When it comes to private sector employment the report suggests it was higher under the Liberals. Is that because of the Olympics and the massive overruns on projects like the Convention Centre ? Because according to Stats Can & the last year or more... BC has been losing jobs or near the bottom.

The other finding deals with wages. It say's income was higher under the Liberals yet the last report by Stats Can " In spite of this growth, however, the province still lags behind the rest of Canada. The national average earnings in April was $932 per week – almost 4% higher than in B.C.
B.C. was tied with Alberta for having Canada’s lowest average wage increase between March and April. "

I realize the report was up to 2013 but why so much difference between the report & Stats Can or even the dismal "Jobs Plan" by her majesty Christy ?

Guy in Victoria