Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Ice Bomb Bridge Gods, They Must Be Crazy.


From Michael Mui's report in yesterday's 24 Hrs:

The companies that designed, built and operated the Port Mann Bridge claim the incident involving falling chunks of ice and snow that smashed windshields and caused accidents in late 2012 was an “act of God” and not because of any failures.

The accidents were caused by “unanticipated weather conditions,” claimed Transportation Investment Corporation (the operators) and the Kiewit/Flatiron General Partnership (the designers and builders), who filed the joint response Friday to the civil claim of a woman whose car was struck by falling ice and snow on Dec. 19, 2012...


I guess the god and/or the goddess concerned only manifested that unanticipated weather directly over the Port Mann crossing of the Big Muddy.

Because, to the best of my knowledge, there were no ice bombs in Surrey that day, or New West, or Mitchell Island, or the Airport, or anywhere else in the entirety of Lotusland.

And there sure as heckfire weren't any ice bombs being thrown from the Alex Fraser, Arthur Laing, Knight Street, Oak Street or Lions Gate bridges or any other bridge in the entirety of Lotusland either.


Could it be, maybe, that the fine folks from Kiewit/Flatiron and the rest of the General Partnership think their bridge itself is actually god?

Speaking of those fine folks from Kiewit...We can't help but wonder what Laila is going to say about this latest bit of news...
And, we also wait, with bated breath, for a scathing comment from the head of the BC division of the Canadian Taxpayers federation on this one as well...Or, perhaps not.



scotty on denman said...

Boy, God must be pissed at those bridge designers---didn't bomb any other bridges I'm aware of.

North Van's Grumps said...

If it was an Act of God, surely TIC and Kiewit wouldn't go to all the trouble to fix something that would never happen again, eh

And if it were to happen again .... the Devil-in-the-details may be blamed, eh

Lew said...

RossK, all the places and structures you name as being ice-bomb free share another common distinction from the Port Mann Bridge. They are all toll free and weren’t P3 built for profit. Safety corners weren’t cut to save money for the partners.

To the BC Liberals and their cronies, money is worshipped. So in a sense, they are right to say the ice bombs were an act of god. Their god.

Anonymous said...

In other contrcted services news...

Aramark says: 'Let them eat humus!'

Western Canada Complete Purchasing Services is an Aramark company.

e.a.f. said...

yes an act of god. can you just imagine, god doesn't like the Port Mann bridge so she arranges ice bombs for it. No other bridges had the ice bombs, so god must like the other bridges. So its time to talk to god about this and see if she will change her mind. Of course if she won't, perhaps we ought to ensure those who are responsible for building the bridge, don't do it again, because it looks like god is truly and well pissed with them.

Christy take note. Remember you wanted a faith based education for your son. How about you having a chat with god. /she not listening this week...too bad. Perhaps she doesn't like your position on the war between Hamas and Israeli

Gary E said...

These wannabe bridge builders are going to have beaucoup problems getting god into court to testify on their behalf.