Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Not-So Private Email.


Yesterday Frances Bula wrote a follow-up blog post to her Globe piece on the goings on in Vancouver civic pre-election politics.

Personally, I have nothing to say on the larger matter at the moment because the facts or not clear.

But, in terms of the backroom stuff specifically, something interesting popped up in the comment threads to FAB's post:

Frances Bula // Jul 7, 2014 at 5:53 pm

@Mark. I believe I got Rob Macdonald’s email the same time as it was sent to the mayor and Geoff Meggs, or very shortly after, from Rob. I have no idea whether it went out to other people as well.

Interesting that, no?



Anonymous said...

Well, what if instead of conspiracies, it is what it looks like? What if Magee really did threaten McDonald with spreading her personal issues all over if he ran for mayor? And what if this was McDonald snapping back because of that? Very straightforward. And what if the leaks, or blind copies, or whatever reporters got letting them know about McDonald's meal, what if that was just him wanting the story out? The only question I have -- and the only I notice that reporters aren't asking the mayor, is: did Magee do that? They're ignoring that bit of the email and they're not asking Magee either. If this is tit for tat, it's news. Me, I am mightily offended that the mayor is getting kid gloved-- talked to this morning on radio as if he was ill and it was so tasteless to have to bring this up in his time of suffering. Good god. I don't like any of these guys, my interest isn't political, but why not some simple questions?

Anonymous said...

Because if I was a reporter and I got Macdonald's email (sorry I got his name wrong above), that would have been my first question. Right?

RossK said...


Could be as you say, sure.

Point being that this proMedia meme that the other side's nuclear option came in response to a 'private' E-mail seems a little off to me...

This is something that was further pushed by Mr. Mason in his column today...Guess he doesn't read FABula (blog division)...