Thursday, July 03, 2014

Vancouver Mayor's Race...Will Ms. Taylor Run?


Raymond Tomlin thinks it's a distinct possibility:

...All of this grousing and dithering (by the NPA) has reportedly resulted in a renewed draft Carole Taylor movement. The prospect of a Carole Taylor candidacy was not looked upon favourably by her as little as two months ago, but apparently the accomplished Ms. Taylor has had a change of heart and is now giving serious consideration to entering the 2014 Vancouver municipal race as anIndependent, and one would have to think, winning candidate for Mayor...


That would make for a fun-filled fall season, don'cha think.

And, oh to be a fly on the wall, if and when the deal making almost inevitably comes, and Ms. T. gets to tell Petey that he can't have a train station at Denman and Georgia.

Subheader?...And where is Senator Larry these days anyway?...This.


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