Monday, July 07, 2014

The Kochtopus Comes To Canada (In More Ways Than One).


Just one snippet from Olivia Ward's excellent longform piece in yesterday's TorStar:

...(F)or all the brothers’ efforts to stay under the public radar, the Kochtopus has replaced Goldman Sachs’s blood-sucking Vampire Squid as the carnivorous capitalist symbol du jour.

It isn’t the Kochs’ financial interests so much as their ideological agenda that makes the brothers the bogeymen of their political foes.

In Canada, Koch’s presence in the oil sands has set environmentalists’ teeth on edge as the brothers back U.S. climate skeptics, tout fossil fuels and oppose the Obama administration’s environmental agenda.

Their support for the pro-oil — and anti-regulation — Fraser Institute is seen by some as a border-creep of the Kochs’ radically libertarian agenda. The think tank has received more than $700,000 over the past decade for carrying out studies of economic freedom, a focus it shares with the Kochs.

Koch has registered as a federal government lobbyist on the environment, health and international trade — and is currently listed as a lobbyist on tax issues. Documents show it hired the lobby firm Global Public Affairs to press its interests with the Alberta government on “energy and resource development,” as well as economic development and taxation policy.

When it comes to political influence, the Kochs are prepared to play a long game...

Paging Ms. Krause....



Alison said...

And Alise Mills and Kathryn Marshall

RossK said...


Of course.



Alison said...

Actually now that Mills has stated she has replaced Lounds as the key decision maker at BC4P, this is the better link :

e.a.f. said...

gee and not so long ago the Cons were complaining about foreign environmentalists interfering with Canadian affairs. Guess its o.k. if its the Kochs but not others.

The Kochs most likely this is a good time to interfere with Canadian politics. They have Harper and his herd. the have Clark and her cabal in B.C. They want to ensure these people stay in power. It may not bode well for them if either of the opposition parties came to power

People like the Kochs don't like our health care system either. With the Cons not having renewed our health care system with the provinces, who knows what the Kochs are up to.

The lochs are in Canada for the long haul. the want the oil in alberta and they will do whatever it takes to get it. NAFTA gives the Koch's corporations a lot of room to play in Canada. We need to watch those boys.