Tuesday, July 08, 2014

In Which Ron Obvious Is Back To His Old Tricks (Again).


Not too long ago we praised the Globe's Gary Mason for an excellent, and important, column wherein he went all small ball and wrote about something he really knew about in considerable depth and detail.

But now, pulling up the rear on the lastest bilious backs and forths between Lotuslandian (civic) political backrooms, in his latest column Mr. Mason once again appears to be fixing to have another go at jumping the English Channel (careful about the link if you are trying to save your 10 free Globe visits for more important stuff; it's still early in the month after all):

...(I)n breaking the news, Mr. Robertson’s political party, Vision Vancouver, also released an e-mail the mayor had earlier received from the vice-president of its main political rival, the Non-Partisan Association (NPA). Written by wealthy Vancouver developer Rob Macdonald, the missive said that he’d been asked to attend a meeting to discuss reports the mayor had been kicked out of his house because of his philandering.

In the same correspondence, Mr. Macdonald asserted that when stories first surfaced that he was considering a leadership run for the NPA, the mayor’s chief of staff, Mike Magee, sent emissaries to deliver the message that Vision would destroy the erstwhile candidate’s reputation by leaking details of alleged infidelities. And so it was sweet justice, Mr. Macdonald wrote, that Mr. Magee was now going to have to contend with the juicy rumours abounding about his own boss.

In its statement, Vision wanted to make clear that the mayor categorically denied the intimations made in Mr. Macdonald’s e-mail as well as similar speculation and gossip that were apparently popping up on social media.

When all this was first made public on the weekend, most people were left to scratch their heads: What the hell was this all about?...


Except, as Frances Bula, also of the Globe, made plain on her blog last night there was nothing whatsover private about Mr. Madonald's E-mail delivery as she received the same missive directly from Mr. Macdonald at about the same time it was sent to the addressee.


Is it possible that Mr. Mason doesn't get his stuff from....errrrr.... 'read' the blogs anymore?

New 'round here and wondering about the Chichester Cathedral and English Channel references?...Well...This.


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