Friday, July 18, 2014

Summertime Jukebox Tune #8....Drive All Night.


Back in the days when my obsession with Springsteen began (which I have written about before) my Mom thought I was crazy to like a guy who sang like he had, to quote her directly, "marbles in his mouth".

This was back during time of Bruce's Darkness reincarnation/rebirth, post Mike Appel.


While 'Drive All Night' showed up on a later release,  the remarkably marble-free 'River' transitional double-album, it actually first saw the light of day as a digression called 'Sad Eyes' that was often plunked down in the middle of live versions 'Backstreets' during that infamous Darkness tour.

And, looking back on it now, I think my Mom was right.

Because it really was marbles (and mashed potatoes too) back then.

Here's my version, weirdly in the key of 'C':



Don.F said...

I remember well the first time my wife and I listened to Bruce wail that song. How could I ever forget? She went almost comatose for twenty four hours and I was left feeling shocked at the raw animal message he sent and I was totally defeated.
Time has passed but I remember well the hopeless feeling. She hummed it for days!!

RossK said...



And when you hear it juxtaposed with 'Backstreets' it shows the kid's evolution into a man, I think.

That's a really interesting aspect of Springsteen's oeuvre and career choices that is often overlooked, I think...

Which is that, in a lot of ways the autodidactic 'earnestness' of his art, as it developed at least, was really just a reflection of his growing up.