Thursday, July 17, 2014

This Day In Snookland....Let Them Eat (Ferry Food) Cake!


Yesterday, Integrity BC went through the public accounts and determined that the Premier's office charged $61, 720 to Harbour Air and $80,350 to Helijet.

Apparently this got the Snooklandians all uppity re: 'the whole story'.

So the folks at Integrity dug a little deeper...


...In 2013-14, government ministries and officers of the legislature billed $1.167 million to the government's credit card for flights on Helijet and $1.271 million with Harbour Air. This doesn't include a further $187,330 paid to Harbour Air and $138,284 to Helijet through government accounts. And it doesn't include Crown corporations...

Apparently, there is no indication in the public accounts if either Harbour Air or Helijet charge more for Toga and/or Spiderman parties.
Alternative title for post...."The Emperor Has No Helicopter!"...Thanks to an Anon-O-Mouse in the comments.



Anonymous said...

Hey don't reign on the emperors parade.the emperor has no helicopter

.Golden parachute/ pay cheque/pension for sure.

RossK said...


Me still laughin'.