Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Skytrain Breakdown, Round II...."We Dispatched Our Staff Members, Up There, Where We Could."

That was the babble of a Translink apologist on CBC Radio One this afternoon that was uttered right after he had been dissing Skytrain passengers for taking matters into their own hands by getting out of the trains when they were getting NO INFORMATION during yesterday's massive shutdown.

The upshot, according to the apologist (I came to the conversation late so I can't say for sure who it was), is that it was just an electrical problem was caused by human error and they did their best to deal with it. Thus, no reason to do anything differently, especially when they have a '95% on-time record'.


Where have we heard/read/seen that 95% percent thingy before?

Oh ya, from the 'Skytrain Prez', Fred Cummings (and/or an 'online editor'-type minion), on the Twittmachine last week...

...Right around the time of that 'first' shutdown.

One thing we know for sure...None of the babble so far had come from the mouth of Snooklandian Transportation Minister, Mr. Todd Stone, because he is, according to CBC, hiding from the media... 



Anonymous said...

How can one verify this when 10 years of documents have been buried.?hiding.?


RossK said...


As long as the herd keeps buying the fluff... They don't need no stinking documentation!


Anonymous said...

Our money losing train El Gordo said, must get rid of it.



RossK said...



And must make sure it shows up as a big liability on balance sheet to help buyer win big on the Tax Credit Default Swap".