Sunday, July 20, 2014

This Sunday In Snookland...But Did She Run Into Any Mars Water Bombers?

...."We are not going to stop spending money because it's expensive," (West Kelowna MLA Christy Clark) told reporters. "We are going to do everything we can to protect people and property across this province."

Clark said the province is well-equipped to battle wildfires, and whether the Mars water bombers will be reactivated is something that should be determined by emergency personnel....

Oddsmakers are split on whether Ms. Clark will be putting on a rappeling harness costume or hopping in a helicopter for today's newscyclery.


Meanwhile, in real news, the change in the weather and the hard work of firefighters on the ground has resulted in a 35% containment of the Smith Creek Fire that the PAB-Bots attempted to as a (distant) photo-op late last week.



Anonymous said...

what happens when you jack up the speed limit to 120.?
people may crash and it goes against the whole greenhouse gas emissions policy of BC.

RossK said...

I'm surprised they haven't put a few red lights on the Coq for folks to run.


North Van's Grumps said...

the only reason that i can see that they raised the speed limit ... has been to cut down on wasting RCMP re$ources on enforcement/court time. RCMP are better suited to dealing with Body bag reports

scotty on denman said...

I wonder how long it takes to taylor a fitted rap-attack suit---and how much $.

Anonymous said...

new website for titterers.?

Lulymay said...

NVG - can you blame the poor cops? The only attention the media grants is to the IHIT boys!

RossK said...


Lulymay does have a point there.



Interesting what CClark's latest two Twittmachine takedowns are....Hmmmm...