Sunday, July 20, 2014

Executive Pay Imbroglio...No Mike, It Is You Who Should Be Mad As Hell.


Province columnist Mike Smyth can't figure out why Mike de Jong isn't more than disappointed:

Finance Minister Mike de Jong is officially “disappointed” at the latest news of under-the-table payments to public-sector executives in B.C.

Hey Mike: You should be more than “disappointed.” You should be mad as hell...


Why is it, exactly, that Mr. de Jong can get away with just being 'disappointed' about his government's hand-picked boards flaunting his government's fake salary rules that were only foisted upon us as a faux show of belt-tightening by his government-appointed/hired middle managers?

Because people like Mr. Smyth and his ilk let him get away with it with their never ending stream of feigned world weary 'how could they?' tripe.

That's why.

Here is how one of the ilk (non-Lotuslandian division) previously demonstrated how proMedia round here could jam the codswallop of the Snooklandians right back down their throats...



Norm Farrell said...

Any responses made by a Liberal ministers would be insincere theatrics. Remember the claims published before the last election? Here's a sample from the Vancouver Sun:

"VICTORIA — British Columbia has launched a crackdown on lavish pay packages for executives at most Crown corporations, instituting an indefinite wage freeze and reining in the perks they can receive..."

Well, how does that declaration square with reality? Here's the restraint suffered by by some of BC's highest paid civil servants:

Doug Pearce, CEO of bcIMC, annual remuneration:
- FY 2011 $ 1,029,218
- FY 2012 $ 1,280,786
- FY 2013 $ 1,582,186
- FY 2013 $ 1,806,345 (76% over 3 years)

Lincoln Webb, VP of bcIMC (one of more than a dozen VP's), annual remuneration:
- FY 2011 $ 724,507
- FY 2012 $ 866,777
- FY 2013 $ 1,035,871
- FY 2014 $ 1,198,308 (65% over 3 years)

Bryan Thomson, VP of bcIMC, annual remuneration:
- FY 2011 $ 553,689
- FY 2012 $ 702,447
- FY 2013 $ 847,759
- FY 2014 $ 990,367 (79% over 3 years)

Even without the latest year of double digit raises, the BC operation was paying three to five times the remuneration going to Washington State executives doing similar tasks, with a history of better results.

Leaves one wondering what the money managers at bcIMC know that keeps them exempt from restraints.

Anonymous said...

liar liar pants (.............).?

see Rollins /liar

Anonymous said...

Lew said...

The Financial Administration Act empowers Mike the Finance Minister to recover public funds paid contrary to an enactment, or to launch a claim for recovery to remedy an injury, loss or damage in a specified or ascertainable amount that occurred as a result of an act or omission. There is a six-year limitation on the right to claim.

If public funds have been paid contrary to an enactment, or in a manner that has caused injury, loss or damage in a specified or ascertainable amount to the government, Mike the Finance Minister has a duty to recover said funds on our behalf and the power to do so. Instead he goes on record with an official pout and imposes disparate “penalties” for show. This because it’s all he can do given the way he and his government boss lady operate. By design, they haven’t done the necessary front-end work.

Norm Farrell has very well documented the real problem here. There is one government expectation for compensation of unionized government workers, the disabled, or children in need, and another for OIC appointees, favored contractors, senior bureaucrats, and all manner of parasitic sycophants that can be regularly spotted moving from curtain to curtain behind the BC Liberals in their many houses. The former expectation is a hard and fast zero vigorously enforced, while the latter is a privileged trough designed deep enough not to runneth over and alert the unwashed masses. When it does, Mike the Finance Minister can only act disappointed and look behind the curtain for a new trough designer.

Meanwhile Mike the legislative entertainment writer does some acting of his own.

Anonymous said...

Dix lost for not having a strong impression/being polite.?take the hint Mike.?

Anonymous said...

BC Liberal shakedown
public railroaded once again.