Friday, July 25, 2014

All Snark Off...Ms. Clark Please Compensate Those Abused At Woodlands Immediately.


Ian Mulgrew of the VSun has this story.....

In 2002, BC's ombudsman told us that there had been terrible systemic abuses at Woodlands.

Seven years later,  2009 a class action led to a settlement in which it was agreed that folks confined at Woodlands since the Aug of 1974 would be compensated if they were subjected to such abuse.

About 100 cases have been resolved so far.


Five hundred unresolved cases remain and it appears that, at the very least, some of the delay is due to foot-dragging by our provincial government.


It would appear that the only right and decent thing here is for our provincial government is to deal with these cases immediately.

And if it turns out that waiting for folks to pass away to reduce 'costs' is a strategy strategy of 'our' government?

Well, that would be unconscionable, not to mention reprehensible.

And we would all be responsible.

The possibility that our government is using the passing of the abused as a strategy is not an entirely remote one given the bizarity of the law here and the fact, as detailed by Mr. Mulgrew, that three of the abused have already died since the 2009 settlement.



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bc Liberals
Morally ethically bankrupt.?
What would Martin Luther King do.?

e.a.f. said...

makes perfect sense to wait until they are all dead. its just saves so much money, which can then be passed on to "lieberal" insiders, you know those who really need it.

There is no way the Lieberals will do anything to pay out one nickel to people who were abused if they can avoid it. remember this is a government which mines for money in the pockets of children who live at 50% of the poverty line and hasn't raised the monthly income of people on disability pensions in how many years. Trust me, the lieberals will not do the right thing. If anyone thinks the lieberals would do the right thing about anything, they need to have a review of the lieberal history since they came into power in 2001. Have they done the "right thing" about anything?