Friday, July 04, 2014

#BCED....The Coalition Of B.C. Frivolousness


Well, well, well...

Is there still some of that pro-HST money left in the war chest or something?

From Tracy Sherlock's bit in yesterday's VSun:

The Coalition of B.C. Businesses has applied for intervener status in the court case between the B.C. Teachers’ Federation and the provincial government...
{snippety doo-dah}

The business coalition’s argument, filed with the B.C. Court of Appeal on June 30, says it has an interest in the case because collective bargaining issues spill over into the private sector...

This group?

Concerned about collective bargaining?

Is that not laughable on its face?

Interestingly, this small cuppa codswallop has gotten very little press play so far....Gosh...Maybe the 'Coalition' should put together a 13 person strong Happy Talk Tweet Team...



sd said...

I've already let the Honda dealership where I have spent thousands over the years that I will be taking my business somewhere else because they are a member of the "coalition". I'm hoping other members of the BCTF do the same.

Anonymous said...

And then we have some licensed establishments complaining about the increase in prices of alcohol thanks to the Liberals.

Maybe they should ask for intervener status on that topic as well. Maybe they should ask for that privilege on all future contract negotiations in BC " because collective bargaining issues spill over into the private sector "

Guy in Victoria

Bill said...

Good on ya SD.

"Intervenor status" is too kind a description of these Liberal/neo-con pop-up deflectors. Their win at all costs against us plebs is the same/old same old standard ops for Christy's family.

Obstruct, deflect and "win" regardless of the real cost to British Columbians. Business, political and media hacks all working from the same play book.

Ray Blessin said...

The word "liberal" has meaning!
The fact that these bastards call themselves liberals is bullshit . . . and they do it on purpose! They had a chance to change the name at the convention . . . and, of course . . . they didn't !

Rich Colman ?!! . . . . a liberal !? . . .
give me a fucking break!

e.a.f. said...

they want the strike over and done with. parents are taking too many days off of work to look after their kids.

some unionized workers have collective agreements which give them time to look after their kids or they have more vacation days to look after their kids, but these guys, want it all to end. they want everyone back at work, not on the phone checking on their kids. the longer the teachers strike goes on, the more apparent it becomes how few resources there are for children. Like teachers are the babysitters and parents of these kids. if they aren't doing their job, their parents might have to take over and that would seriously impact on business of those employers